NSS Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes from 12/14/04

Kings Duck Inn, Merritt Island, Florida



Jack Fox, President

Bob Waterman, Vice President and Webmaster

Keith Britton, Treasurer

Matt Hegler

Bill Notardonato


Meeting Called to Order at 5:10 p.m.


Officer Reports

Treasurer Report (Keith)

-    Current balances $153 checking, $25 savings


VP Report (Bob W.)

-    Incorporated comments received for web page.  Still working on making Legislator information easier to use.


President Report (Jack)

-    (After the meeting I noted our chapter showed up as a real chapter at NSS.org!)

-    Ambassadors plan moving slow.  Most of NSS members in mailing list did not provide email addresses.  Need to do letter writing to make it happen.

-    Tim Huddleson formed National Aerospace Development Center for policy setting and public support.  Sounds like NSS’s mission. 

-    Discussed NASA budget earmarks for Florida

o       Hydrogen research (UCF/State Universities) $7.5M

o       Hydrogen/Fuel Cell research (FIT) $850K

o       Business incubators (TRDA) $6M

o       TRDA IT $150K

-    International Space Development Conference (ISDC) 2005 is sponsored by NSS and will be held in Washington, D.C. May 19-22.  We should try to send some people.

-    National Space Symposium will be held April 4-7 in Colorado Springs, CO and is managed by Space Foundation.  We also should try to send some people.  Maybe our day job will pay for travel.

-    Attended MOU signing ceremony for merger of Space Congress and Air Force Space Symposium.  New event is Florida Space 2005.  First one will be November.  Space Foundation to manage.  Possible large role for our chapter!

-    Met with NSS Executive Director, Dr. George Whitesides, who was in Florida for Boeing Delta IV Heavy launch.  (Scrubbed to 12/20.)  He suggests our chapter help do a music concert for Return To Flight that’s free to the public.  They want to send us funding.  We just need to ask for it.  They are considering a large school competition similar to FIRST Robotics.  Have Exploration flavor.  Might have $1-2M budget.  Perhaps our chapter could help.  I said I read that people gather for food, music and sports.  I said perhaps our chapter’s long range mission is to foster a Range in Florida that’s more procedurally friendly to commercial launchers.  LONG story. 


New business

-    Matt offered to be Membership Chairman since David Kruhm likely to spend a year in D.C.  New plan to first have Board meetings to be followed by fun-only functions with all members and guests.  Provide refreshments.  Time to put out the word that we’re here and accepting new members. 

-    Bill Notardonato proposed 6th grader education competition using Solar Quest space trivia game.  Schools run own competition.  Send school winners to KSC for finals.  TV would probably cover.  Matt to look into getting free games from manufacturer.  Chapter offers decent prizes.

-    Bill Notardonato suggested again we do a Cassini event.  Group decided to have as theme for our next monthly meeting in January.  Much discussion.  First have small Board meeting, then have fun meeting with all members and guests.  Might be a great idea to keep members actually attending meetings and keeping their interest!  Stay tuned.      


Old business (bold = urgent)

-    Jack – sponsor $1,000 scholarship to ISU.

-    Jack – letter writing campaign for 2 Florida Senators, 3 Representatives near KSC by chapter membership. (Matt, Jack, Jon Cowart, Bob complete) Must have this done by end of December.

-    Jack – letter writing campaign for other Representatives from Florida (Jack only).  Must have this done by end of December. 

-    Jack – letter writing campaign for Florida State Representatives (Jack only)

-    Sue – plan on how to support Space Day in Tallahassee 3/24

-    Sue – think of fun monthly speaker topics, locations, etc. for general meetings

-    Jack – ambassadors plan

-    Jack – define chapter role for RTF event May 1-ish.  Look into feasibility of concerts at KSC Visitor Complex.   Look into plugging into KSC All-American picnic (already has RTF theme)

-    Matt – communicate with record companies for potential for free concerts at KSC Visitor Complex

-    Matt – look into free copies of Solar Quest.

-    Matt – get with Al Koller for availability of BCC Planetarium for January 11 Cassini event and meeting.

-    Jack – Find Cassini speaker, organize refreshments, send KSC News email. 

-    Jack – define chapter role at Florida Space 2005

-    Jack – long term mission for chapter is to foster more customer friendly Range at Cape

-    Jack – define chapter involvement in NSS HQ school competition.

-    Jack – possible golf tournament someday. 


Everyone:  Jack is accepting offers from you to help on the bold items above!


Next meeting January 11, 2005 at Brevard Community College Planetarium (pending approval).  Board meeting at 5:30 p.m.  Cassini presentation for all members and guests at 7:00 p.m.  Refreshments provided. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.