NSS Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes from 11/09/04

Dog R Us, Titusville, FL



Jack Fox, President

Bob Waterman, Vice President and Webmaster

Keith Britton, Treasurer

Mark Woloshin, Secretary

Sue Gaines

Jon Cowart

Tracy Hegler

Matt Hegler

Carol Moore


Meeting Called to Order at 5:35


Officer Reports

Secretary Report (Mark W.)

- Jack to provide list of all NSS members that are in Florida and will consolidate into single Florida Chapter membership list

- Needs all current members to forward most current information to ensure that list is up to date (home address, home number, work number, home e-mail)


VP Report (Bob W.)

- Web pate has been updated.  Updated the Congressional information (all 25 districts, 2 Senators, links to officeal web site)

-  Sue G. suggested adding space related links (Exploration web page, etc.) 

-  Bob e-mailed members for comments.  Go to http://nssflorida.org/ to see current web page.  It is also possible to set up e-mail addresses from this site.


Treasurer Report (Keith)

- Current balance $113 ($40 deposited from last month's meeting)


President Report (Jack)

- We have been challenged by NSS HQ to sponsor a $1000 scholarshipfor the International Space University

- We are still not shown as a chapter on the NSS site.  Will continue to inform NSS HQ of what the chapter is doing.

- Space Congress is scheduled for Fall 2005 to be run by the Space Foundation.  Profits will go to Space Advocate groups.  We will need to help.  More to come.


Main Topic

- Main focus needs to be a letter writing campaign to all elected officials.  Matt and Tracy provided form letter.  First letter is to notify elected officials of our existence.

- Each member to send to the Federal Senators and appropriate Federal Representative.  Jack will send to the state representatives.

- Will need an "ambassador" for each congressional district to send letters as significant events occur.

        Jack - Congressman Keller

               - Congressman Weldon

        Keith - Congressman Feeney



Other Topics

- Sue G.  Space Day in Tallahassee (3/24?)

    Space Industry inform elected officials about benefits of space

    Possible involvement from our chapter?


-  How do we get more members?

    Matt H. work with Dave Kruhm

    We all need to think about membership drives


Next meeting december 14 at the King's Duck Inn (KDI) on Merritt Island at 5:30.


Meeting adjourned at 6:30.