National Space Society Florida Space Coast Chapter Minutes and Notes, October 11 Meeting


Time:  5:30




Paddy Cassidy's Irish Pub

2011 N. Atlantic Ave.

Cocoa Beach, FL





Fred Becker

Brad Byron

Jack Fox

Sue Gains

Ross Tierney


1.  Florida Space 2005


The Florida Space 2005 Conference was held at the Debus Center at the KSC Visitors Center.  We discussed our chapter volunteer support for the event.  NSS name tags were proposed for use.


2.  Florida NSS Chapters Growing


A chapter is going to start up in Miami.  We are already in contact with a chapter in Tampa.  We may donate use of our web space to help these chapters get started.  We will start a dialogue with these chapters.


3.  December Event.  We discussed having a restaurant meeting or a party at a member's house.  The event is not yet defined.


4.  IMAX:  "Magnificent Desolation" Premiere.  The new movie was discussed.  This is an excellent IMAX movie.


5.  STS-114 Crew Return Celebration, November 1.  This event was a celebration of the successful mission and was held at the KSC Visitors Center.


6.  EXPO 2005.  We discussed setting out NSS membership brochures at this trade event held at the port.  Fred contacted HQ for brochures.  Currently, the brochures are not in print, however HQ sent us a PDF brochure that we can print.  No brochures were obtained in time for the Expo, but we hope to have a supply for future events.


7.  Publicity for the Chapter.  Ross talked with media.  They will provide coverage if we hold an NSS-unique event that is newsworthy.


8.  Zero-G Flights.  The first flights by Zero-G Corporation from KSC began on November 5 and 6.


With that the meeting adjourned.


Fred Becker

VP and Secretary

...with apologies for the belated minutes.


Prior meeting topics.


1.  Space Spring Break


An initiative for a nationwide campaign for a Space Spring Break for students is on the agenda for a possible future project.  The concept is to hold an educational and fun event for students.


2.  NASA Launch Countdown Live Local Rebroadcast by LISATS


A long-standing wish of Ross Tierney was met at the meeting when a representative of the local ham radio club gave information about how they have a means for picking up the NASA countdown on ham radio and TV and broadcasting it on PA and showing it on TV monitors for gathered crowds.  Ross has long sought means for helping launch crowds to be informed of the countdown status.  The group is called The Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System (LISATS).  We will try to help them, perhaps establishing stations at other popular launch viewing areas.  Here is the link:


Action:  Someone to author the "NSS Space Coast Guide to NASA Launch Viewing."


3.  Zero-G Flight Educational Outreach


Another possible future project may be for our chapter to raise funds to sponsor a local educator to fly weightless on the Zero-G Corporation vehicle.  This vehicle may be coming to use the Shuttle Landing Facility as a base of operations.  It may be that Virgin Galactic flights will come to KSC some day too.


4.  Publicity Campaign for Meetings


The chapter will begin publicizing meetings in local and regional media.


Action:  Rick to contact the Orlando Sentinel.  Closed.


Action:  Ross to contact CFN 13 and Florida Today.  Ross to invite Todd Halvorson to our next meeting.  Closed.


Action:  Fred to contact the Brevard Technical Journal.  Closed.


Also needed:  CCTS


5.  Rocket Repairs


Some local volunteers are repairing the Titan rocket that has sat outside Titusville high school.  Update:  this effort has failed as the repairs required are beyond the budget.  The rocket has been donated to Brevard Community College and is now located at CCAFS where they have an educational facility.


Reference on Ongoing Events


1.  Chapter Monthly Social


Our chapter meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.  These meetings are held at Paddy Cassidy's in Cocoa Beach.  Paddy's is located in the Publix shopping center near Ron Jon's Surf Shop.


The November meeting was replaced by support at Florida Space 2005.  The December meeting is to be announced.


2.  Speaker Meetings


We will also have quarterly speaker meetings to be widely publicized.  These will take place at the Florida Space Authority headquarters in Cape Canaveral.  This is located on the north side of the port, near the Navajo missile display and NASA South Gate.  The next speaker is to be announced, selected by Sue Gaines.


A possible speaker might be Guenter Wendt, who we could ask to speak at a venue in Titusville, perhaps the Space Walk of Fame Museum in Searstown Mall.


3.  National Space Club luncheons.