NSS Florida Chapter Meeting Minutes from 10/12/04

Dog R Us, Titusville, FL



Jack Fox, President

Bob Waterman, Vice President and Webmaster

Keith Britton, Treasurer

Mark Woloshin, Secretary

Sue Gaines

Jon Cowart

David Kruhm

Mike O'Neal

Jim Banke


Meeting started at 5:35


Officer Reports

VP report - Bob Waterman

- Currently building web page.  Take a look at http://chapters.nss.org/fl/
- First concept of the chapter logo provided.  Accepting comments/ideas.  The logo is to be used for letterhead, shirts, etc.

- Took pictures for the web site


President report - Jack Fox

- It was reported that we are currently the only active chapter in Florida.  There was a chapter in South Florida which dissolved.  It has been endorsed by George Whiteside that our chapter be named the Florida Chapter.  It was proposed that the chapter be renamed to the Florida Chapter.  All in attendance approved.


Treasurer report - Keith Britton

- Current balance - $73.00


Secretary report - Mark Woloshin

- Will add all Florida members to the membership list.  List available from NSS.  Jack to forward list for consolidation with current list.


Meeting notes

- Scott Wilson is currently working a detail at Headquarters.  Need a Scholarship Chair.  Please contact Jack if interested in volunteering.

- Challenged by HQ to come up with a $1000 scholarship

- Return to Flight Activity

    - Space Congress has moved to the fall which opens up the spring for a possible activity

    - Need a lead - possibly someone in the Shuttle Program with contacts.

    - Possibly an astronaut meet and greet.  Need more ideas.

    - Sue Gaines to check with the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce to see if any activities have been planned.  Jim Banke stated very little planned so far.


Data and Information from Jim Banke

- This chapter of the NSS can be very influential.  There are a variety of pro-space organizations in the area; however, they are very splintered.  There is really no organization in the county to be the active face for spreading the word about the Vision for Space Exploration, Spaceship One, etc.  And NSS has the freedom to do whatever it takes to get the word out (letters to the editor, letters to congressmen, etc.)

- Can do grassroots, pro-space activities on behalf of Florida and the Programs

- NSS trying to get the rest of Florida interested in space and this chapter has the potential to greatly help.

- We need to actively get members involved

- One goal is to find support for the Vision for Space Exploration and spread that word.

- Involve kids at every opportunity and involve the members on the Florida NSS list.

- There is also an informal competition between Florida Tech and Embry Riddle to see who can be the first group to launch something into space (suborbital).


Next Meeting November 9.  Location TBD


Meeting adjourned at 6:35