National Space Society Florida Space Coast Chapter Minutes and Notes, September 13 Meeting


Time:  5:30




Paddy Cassidy's Irish Pub

2011 N. Atlantic Ave.

Cocoa Beach, FL





Fred Becker

Arden Belt

Jerry Belt

Keith Britton

Brad Byron

Dylyce P. Clarke

Jon Cowart

Rick Fischer

Jack Fox

Ross Tierney

Bob Waterman


The September meeting of NSS Florida was opened by President Jack Fox.  He reiterated the main purpose of our group.  The goals are to form a social organization of people sharing a basic interest in space, to have fun, and to maybe make the world a little better place in the process.  These goals will be reflected in ever-increasing activities and accomplishments as the group becomes active.


1.  Florida Space 2005


Our current emphasis is to support the upcoming Florida Space 2005 Conference.  We have interest from 40 volunteers who will help with staffing at this event.  Volunteers are needed for these

areas:  1)  registration table, 2) panel discussion facilitation with audience microphones, 3) door badge check security, and 4) speaker and VIP registration table.  Our list of volunteers has been sent to conference chair Jim Banke and The Space Foundation is going to contact everyone.  Volunteers will then register online at their site.


This event is the continuation of the annual Space Congress, which has been moved to November 15-17.  It will take place this year at the Debus Center at the KSC Visitors Center.




"Space Leaders Partner on New Event


Set for November 15-17 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Florida's Space Coast, Florida Space 2005 marks a fresh start in serving Florida's diverse space community, including civil, commercial, national security and education sectors spread across the entire Sunshine State.

This new conference will build on the best features of Space Congress and the Cape Canaveral Spaceport Symposium, both long-time community space events now retired, and whose heritage will be honored at this inaugural event conducted by the Space Foundation.


Space professionals from throughout the region and with interests in Florida will be drawn to America's premiere gateway to the Universe to learn about current business opportunities, discuss relevant space policy and network with top experts from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the U.S. Air Force's 45th Space Wing and the Florida Space Authority.


New work resulting from the nation's Vision for Space Exploration, assured access to space for national security operations, overcoming challenges facing the commercial space sector in Florida and understanding the importance of partnerships in working on the Eastern Range are among the topics expected to be covered."


Action 1:  NSS Shirts for Florida Space 2005


We are going to request of Space Foundation that they fund us for purchase of NSS shirts for our participating volunteers.  In this way, our presence as an organization will be readily recognized.


Action 2:  NSS HQ Participation in Florida Space 2005


We will contact HQ to see what level of participation they can have in Florida Space 2005.


Action 3:  NSS Materials for Florida Space 2005


We will obtain a variety of NSS materials for giveaways at the conference.


2.  Chapter Name:  NSS Florida Space Coast Chapter


The subject of our name came up and we established that our name shall be NSS Florida Space Coast Chapter.


3.  Space Spring Break


An initiative for a nationwide campaign for a Space Spring Break for students is on the agenda for a possible future project.  The concept is to hold an educational and fun event for students.


4.  Florida NSS Chapters Growing


A chapter is going to start up in Miami.  We are already in contact with a chapter in Tampa.  We may donate use of our web space to help these chapters get started.  We will start a dialogue with these chapters.


5.  Florida Chapter of Mars Society


A person has started a chapter of the Mars Society in Florida.


6.  Treasurer's Report


We have a balance of $218.


7.  NSS Dues Concept


Fred Becker had an idea to increase membership in NSS by establishing a lower cost membership.  He has sent the idea to NSS HQ.  Here is the idea:


Member Category (each category includes lower category benefits) 

Estimate on Potential Members and NSS Income


Vanguard Member:  $5

100,000 includes monthly email and post card and political alerts (NSS

income:  $500,000)


Explorer Member:  $10

50,000 includes welcome package ($500,000)


Mercury Member:  $20

20,000 includes quarterly newsletter ($400,000)


Gemini Member:  $30

10,000 includes Ad Astra, pin, and goodies ($300,000)


Apollo Member:  $50

3,000 includes discount to ISDC ($150,000)


Vision Member:  $100

500 includes membership in Moon Society, Mars Society and Planetary Society



Pioneer Member:  $200

200 includes membership in Space Frontier Foundation, Space Foundation, Space Studies Institute (to be re-energized by this) ($40,000)


Voyager Member:  $500

60 includes ISDC admission and events ($30,000)


Spacefaring Member:  $1000

30 includes family ISDC admission and events and all space society events



Total:  183,780 ($2,000,000) (Not first-year totals, but what Fred sees after a five-year campaign).


8.  NASA Launch Countdown Live Local Rebroadcast by LISATS


A long-standing wish of Ross Tierney was met at the meeting when a representative of the local ham radio club gave information about how they have a means for picking up the NASA countdown on ham radio and TV and broadcasting it on PA and showing it on TV monitors for gathered crowds.  Ross has long sought means for helping launch crowds to be informed of the countdown status.  The group is called The Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System (LISATS).  We will try to help them, perhaps establishing stations at other popular launch viewing areas.  Here is the link:


Action 4:  Someone to author the "NSS Space Coast Guide to NASA Launch Viewing."


9.  Zero-G Flight Educational Outreach


Another possible future project may be for our chapter to raise funds to sponsor a local educator to fly weightless on the Zero-G Corporation vehicle.  This vehicle may be coming to use the Shuttle Landing Facility as a base of operations.  It may be that Virgin Galactic flights will come to KSC some day too.  [more to say?]


10.  Publicity Campaign for Meetings


The chapter will begin publicizing meetings in local and regional media.


Action 5:  Rick to contact the Orlando Sentinel


Action 6:  Ross to contact CFN 13 and Florida Today.  Ross to invite Todd Halvorson to our next meeting.


Action 7:  Fred to contact the Brevard Technical Journal


Also needed:  CCTS


11.  Launch Umbilical Tower


We discussed the efforts some members made two years ago to save the Apollo launch umbilical tower which was sadly lost.


12.  NASA Exploration Systems Architecture Study


Much discussion ensued about the forthcoming announcement of the NASA plans for further exploration of space.  The booster option was the main topic of interest.  CEV and booster discussion is here, for instance:




13.  Russian Commercial Moon Flight


Russia has announced the price for a piloted flight around the Moon in a modified Soyuz capsule.  This is available to anyone rich and brave enough.


14.  Rocket Repairs


Some local volunteers are repairing the Titan rocket that has sat outside Titusville high school.


15.  Mike Griffin AIAA Speech


Mike Griffin recently gave a speech at an AIAA conference.  The parallel between China's navy and the US's space program was discussed, based on one of the points he made.


16.  Guenther Wendt Ceremonial Role


Ross suggested that when CEV first launches, Guenther Wendt be invited to ceremonially supervise the crew ingress and closing of the hatch.  This would continue his role that he began with our first US launch...Alan Shepard in 1961.


With that the meeting adjourned.


Fred Becker

VP and Secretary


Reference on Ongoing Events


1.  Chapter Monthly Social


Our chapter meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.  These meetings are held at Paddy Cassidy's in Cocoa Beach.  Paddy's is located in the Publix shopping center near Ron Jon's Surf Shop.


So please mark your calendars:  Paddy Cassidy's, October 11, 5:30 p.m.


2.  Speaker Meetings


We will also have quarterly speaker meetings to be widely publicized.  These will take place at the Florida Space Authority headquarters in Cape Canaveral.  This is located on the north side of the port, near the Navajo missile display and NASA South Gate.  The next speaker is to be announced, selected by Sue Gaines.


A possible speaker might be Guenter Wendt, who we could ask to speak at a venue in Titusville, perhaps the Space Walk of Fame Museum in Searstown Mall.


3.  National Space Club luncheons.