NSS Meeting Notes

Location: Paddy Cassidy's, Cocoa Beach

Attendees:                            NSS Member
Keith Britton        Keith.j.britton@nasa.gov            y   
Rick Fischer        rfischer@insideksc.com            y
Ted Hartselle        Chromoquarkspark@aol.com        n
Carol Moore        Carol.m.moore@nasa.gov        y
Ross Tierney        ross@launchcomplexmodels.com    n   
Debra Wolfard        drwolf@cfl.rr.com            n   
Ashley O'shea        ashley.r.o'shea@boeing.com        y
Sue Gaines        Sue.r.gaines@nasa.gov            y


Keith Britton conducted the meeting in Jack Fox's absence.
Keith passed on Jack's recommendation that we focus our short term attention on the Florida Space 2005 event scheduled for November 15-17 at the KSC Visitor Center.
NSS needs approximately 25 volunteers to help with the event.
The following attendees signed up to volunteer:

Ashley O'Shea
Carol Moore
Rick Fischer

Treasury Report:

Balance:  $248.

We received a $5 charge from the credit union for a returned statement.  I inquired at the credit union and confirmed the mailing address for the statement is correct.  The $5 will be refunded.

No new announcements.

Next Meeting Sept 13, 2005
Paddy Cassidy's

Thank you to Keith Britton for the meeting notes.  --Fred