August Meeting Minutes

Florida Space Coast Chapter of the National Space Society



·        Meeting called to order at 5:35 p.m.

·        Location:  Frankies’ Wings and Things, Port Canaveral

·        In attendance:  Jack Fox, Bob Waterman, Keith Britton, David Kruhm, Matt Hegler, Tracey Hegler, Matt Armstrong (new member)

·        Treasurer’s Report (Keith Britton) – opened account at KSCFCU, $30 in checking, $25 in savings, propose golf tournament and sale of logo’d polo shirts as future fund raisers

·        Secretary’s Report (Mark Woloshin) – on work travel

·        Vice President’s Report (Bob Waterman) – website up and running, give him another week, will put NSS logo, NSS content, speaker topics, calendar of events, also take photos at next month’s meeting to post

·        Membership Chair (David Kruhm) – mentioned NSS at work staff meetings, recommend no mass KSC email just yet, let’s have a flyer to hand-deliver to potential members at work, we could all do this, Matt Hegler took action to develop flyer.  David recommended we look into getting the NASA Speaker Bureau’s schedule supporting science fair judging, speaking engagements, etc.  Jack took action.  David also recommended we invite the members of the Palm Beach Chapter to some of our events. 

·        Scholarship Chair – unanimous vote to have Scott Wilson lead this (did volunteer). NSS HQ to send International Space University (ISU) info.  Scott to sort out.  Tracey says Florida Space Authority might want to help if ISU looks feasible

·        Communications Chair – unanimous vote to have Tracey Hegler lead this (another volunteer).  Tracey to look into how we could sponsor an event at Mission Space at EPCOT.  Also Tracey to prepare letter templates.  Perhaps we do post-election letters to new representatives. 

·        President’s report (Jack Fox) – NSS HQ would like us to include on distribution Tim Bailey of Zero Gravity Corporation, David Buck currently at ISU and Jim Knohl of Boeing as potential future helpers; NSS HQ would also like us to sponsor a Return To Flight event.  This may coincide with our sponsoring a Space Congress function, so it might be just one event.  Or perhaps do the RTF event around FRR timeframe which is one month before launch.  VIPs will be in town and may agree to speak with public at evening function.  Believe would get 300 or so from the public to attend.  I would like Jon Cowart to consider leading this.  We had mentioned before about sponsoring a small Cassini-related event later this year.  Perhaps at BCC Planetarium.  Matt Hegler took action to understand how to do this.

·        Meeting adjourned at 6:27 p.m.

·        After paying bill had $43 left over to add to bank account

·        Next meeting is Tuesday September 7th.  Try for good attendance since want to take pictures to post on our website.