Minutes from NSS Florida Space Coast Chapter Meeting, 7/13/04


Held at Frankies, Cape Canaveral, FL


Meeting started at 5:30


For the people that did not make the first meeting, Jack discussed how this chapter got started.  Since one of the main purposes is to make the public aware of space and space activities some ideas were discussed on how we can do that.  First thoughts include:
-  Sponsor a reception the night prior to Space Congress that is open to the public.  Possibly include a Q&A panel.
-  Competition for college students with the award being a scholarship or savings bond
-  Letter writing campaign
-  Social activities
-  Possible first event centered around Cassini mission and probe deployment.  Bill Notardonato to get mission information.  Is BCC planning anything? etc,


Chapter name discussion followed.  There were no strong opinions for any of the names.  Nominations were made from the names that were provided at the first meeting.  The 2 names that went to vote were the Florida Spaceport Chapter and the Florida Space Coast Chapter.  The final vote:


Florida Spaceport Chapter . . . . . . . .2
Florida Space Coast Chapter . . . . . . 7


Now that we have a name, Jack will send in the required forms to NSS to designate our chapter.


Committee Chairs are needed.  If you would like to volunteer to head up a committee please let Jack know.  David Kruhm has already volunteered for one committee.
The following committees have been identified:


Membership Committee . . . . . . . .David Kruhm
Scholarship Committee . . . . . . . . .TBD
Communications Committee (including letter writing, outreach, public relations) . . . . . .TBD


Jack will call NSS HQ to get a list of area NSS members that do not belong to a chapter.


Meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  Next meeting is planned for August 10.  Location TBD.


Keith gave the Treasury report:  $25.00.  He will open an account this week.  As stated at the first meeting, there are no chapter dues required.  The chapter funds will be built from whatever is left after paying the bill following the meeting.


Meeting adjourned 6:30