Minutes and Notes, June 14 Meeting


Fred Becker
Rick Fischer
Kathleen Fischer
Ross Tierney
Brad Byron
Jack Fox
Bob Waterman
Dale Ketcham
Keith Britton
Ted Hartselle
Ashley O'Shea
David Kruhm

The June 14 meeting of NSS Florida was opened by President Jack Fox.  He outlined the history and goals of our group.  It was started one year ago when George Whitesides from NSS Headquarters was here for the Space Congress.  Jack and others gave George the news that the chapter would be started.  The goals are to form a social organization of people sharing a basic interest in space, to have fun, and to maybe make the world a little better place in the process.  These goals will be reflected in ever-increasing activities and accomplishments as the group becomes active.

1.  Chapter Monthly Social

Our chapter will meet monthly on the second Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.  These meetings have been held at Kings Duck Inn on Merritt Island, but will now move to Paddy Cassidy's in Cocoa Beach.  Paddy's is located in the Publix shopping center near Ron Jon's Surf Shop.

So please mark your calendars:  Paddy Cassidy's, August 9, 5:30 p.m.

Paddy Cassidy's Irish Pub
2011 N. Atlantic Ave.
Cocoa Beach, FL

2.  Speaker Meetings

We will also have quarterly speaker meetings to be widely publicized.  The first of these will take place July 12 at the Florida Space Authority headquarters in Cape Canaveral.  This is located on the north side of the port, near the Navajo missile display and NASA South Gate.  The speaker is to be announced, selected by Sue Gaines.  We expect this will be a Return To Flight speech by a well-known person.

Speaker meetings at FSA will be preceded by a chapter social gathering at Sailor's Choice, also near the South Gate.  We will meet at 5:30 at Sailor's Choice and proceed from there to the FSA.

So please mark your calendars:  July 12, 5:30 Sailor's Choice, 7:00 Florida Space Authority

Sailor's Choice
9290 Grouper Road
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Florida Space Authority
100 Spaceport Way
Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920
Phone: 321-730-5301
Fax: 321-730-5307

FSA Directions:

From the West
Take 528 East – Exit 205 on I-95
Take the exit at the North Cruise Terminals (Terminals A) – SR 401
After coming under overpass and driving around the Port, turn right at your
third light – Poseidon Ave.
Take first left and come straightforward through the gate into the Florida Space
Authority Campus

From the South (Cocoa Beach Area)
Take A1A North (it will turn into 528)
Bear right at the North Cruise Terminal (Terminals A) – SR 401
After coming under overpass and driving around the Port, turn right at your
third light – Poseidon Ave.
Take first left and come straightforward through the gate into the Florida Space
Authority Campus

3.  Florida Space 2005 Support

Our biggest responsibility this year will be to serve as organized volunteers for smooth operations at Florida Space 2005.  We will take tickets, assist guests, run equipment, and so on.  This event is the continuation of the annual Space Congress, which has been moved to November 15-17.  It will take place this year at the Debus Center at the KSC Visitors Center.



"Space Leaders Partner on New Event

Set for November 15-17 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Florida's Space Coast, Florida Space 2005 marks a fresh start in serving Florida's diverse space community, including civil, commercial, national security and education sectors spread across the entire Sunshine State. This new conference will build on the best features of Space Congress and the Cape Canaveral Spaceport Symposium, both long-time community space events now retired, and whose heritage will be honored at this inaugural event conducted by the Space Foundation.

Space professionals from throughout the region and with interests in Florida will be drawn to America's premiere gateway to the Universe to learn about current business opportunities, discuss relevant space policy and network with top experts from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the U.S. Air Force's 45th Space Wing and the Florida Space Authority.

New work resulting from the nation's Vision for Space Exploration, assured access to space for national security operations, overcoming challenges facing the commercial space sector in Florida and understanding the importance of partnerships in working on the Eastern Range are among the topics expected to be covered."

4.  Elections were held for new officers.  Volunteering, nominations and voting resulted in our officers for the next year:

President:  Jack Fox
VP/Secretary:  Fred Becker
Treasurer:  Keith Britton

5.  Ideas.  The meeting then widened into idea-gathering for things to do and ways to do things.  Examples are:

Publicity:  increased to CCTS, FSA, Inside KSC.  Continue with KSC Daily News.

Rick Fischer, member, is webmaster for InsideKSC.com

Bob Waterman, member, is webmaster for NSS Florida website.

Launch parties.  Organized events to help the public view launches.  This was a main topic of discussion.  Provide a way to get the countdown commentary onto loudspeakers in public parks and prime locations.  Rent a steamboat and have an organized launch watch from the river.

Venues:  Paddy Cassidy's.  Sailor's Choice.  Kings Duck Inn.

Other Florida chapters:  TampaOrlando.  Contact them and coordinate.

Grow student chapters of NSS in Florida.

Save funds for scholarships that we can announce and provide.

Group members should join NSS.

Participate in other organization events as appropriate, such as National Space Club luncheons.

http://www.nscfl.com/ (next meeting is August 9).

ASTP Reunion event forthcoming.

Maintain contact with NSS Headquarters and support national efforts.

A possible speaker might be Guenter Wendt, who we could ask to speak at a venue in Titusville, perhaps the Space Walk of Fame Museum in Searstown Mall.



6.  The treasurer reported a balance of some $218.  This amount has been collected from donations within the group over the past year.

7.  Meeting adjourned.

Fred Becker


President's notes:

At 10:19 PM 6/14/2005, Jack Jay Fox wrote:


Great meeting tonight!  We had 12 total people including 4 more new.  I folded the new folks into this email distribution list.  Ross Tierney doesn't have email right now.   Fred Becker will be sending the minutes, so I don't want to steal his thunder!  Please send everyone on this distribution your ideas.

Attached are the chapter bylaws and membership list.  Both could stand a little updating.  Next meeting will be July 12.  The plan is to meet at Sailor's Choice at 5:30 p.m. for some dinner and then move to the FSA meeting room at 7:00 p.m. for a TBD speaker.  The plan may change, but it's the plan for today.  We are talking about adopting Paddy Cassidy's in the Publix plaza in Cocoa Beach as our official home.  It is planned to have the August meeting there.  Here is the contact information for all who attended tonight.  Take care everyone.


Fred Becker, Analex, mach25@cfl.rr.com, 321-271-9064
Rick Fischer, Boeing, Rick.Fischer@insideksc.com, 321-432-5247
Kathleen Fischer, kmfischer@insideksc.com, 321-432-5247
Ross Tierney, Launch Complex Models, 321-302-6789
Brad Byron, Boeing, brad53@earthlink.net
Jack Fox, NASA, jjfox1@mac.com, 407-898-7570
Bob Waterman, NASA, bob.waterman@nssflorida.org, 321-867-6680
Dale Ketcham, SRTI, Dale.Ketcham-1@ksc.nasa.gov, 321-867-1190
Keith Britton, NASA, keith.j.britton@nasa.gov, 321-867-1955
Ted Hartselle, USA, Ted.J.Hartselle@usa-spaceops.com, 321-861-4411
Ashley O'Shea, aoshea@cfl.rr.com, 321-861-3002
David Kruhm, NASA, davewho@bellsouth.net, 321-867-6742