Central Florida Chapter of the National Space Society

Kick-Off Meeting

June 10, 2004


Meeting held at Grills at Port Canaveral and started at 5:30 p.m.


In attendance:  Jack Fox, Bob Waterman, Keith Britton, Sue Gaines, Jan Zysko, Jon Cowart, Scott Wilson, Shawn Quinn, Bill Notardonato, David Kruhm,


Agenda Items


            Background of how we got to this point

            Vote on Officers

            Vote on Bylaws

            Vote on Chapter Name

            Select regular meeting day and location


Jack discussed common theme at Space Congress of how more needs to be done to increase public support for human space exploration.  How he and Bob met Dr. George Whitesides, read NSS website, agreed with all principles, researched other space organizations, decided NSS best fit, surprised to see no NSS chapter in our area. So, why not us?  Why not now?


Everyone agreed to use Robert’s Rule of Order to conduct meetings.


Votes for officers were unanimous:

            Jack Fox – President

            Bob Waterman – Vice President

            Keith Britton – Treasurer

            Mark Woloshin – Secretary

            Sue Gaines – Social Coordinator


Vote for Bylaws was unanimous.


Much discussion about chapter name.  Since can’t send in new chapter request form until we have our NSS membership #s, Agreed, to do vote by email by Friday June 18.  Look at existing NSS chapter roster for ideas.  May want to have “Spacecoast” in name.  Scott Wilson to run the vote.  Considering:  Central Florida, Central Florida’s Spacecoast, Spacecoast, Mims?!


Scott Wilson had idea to have Keith Britton collect all restaurant checks and money at meetings and leftover (after tip) goes into the chapter kitty.  Everyone concurred.  May preclude need for chapter dues.  Ended up with $25 at this meeting.  Keith to open bank account.


Discussed objectives:  letter writing campaign, college scholarship, Space Congress event.  


Agreed to meet every 2nd Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. possibly at Frankie’s Wings and Things at Port Canaveral. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.