Ready to send, pending Jack's review.


Dear NSS Florida Space Coast Members and Friends,


National Space Society Florida Space Coast Chapter Minutes and Notes, January 10 Meeting


Time:  6:00




Paddy Cassidy's Irish Pub

Cocoa Beach




Jen Bailey

Tim Bailey

Fred Becker

Keith Britton

Brad Byron

Ross Tierney

Bob Waterman


1.  Pluto Launch Public Viewing Event With LISATS


We opened the meeting with detailed planning for the launch viewing activity on Tuesday.  We will meet for the Pluto launch on January 17 at the Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System

(LISATS) station on the 528 causeway near Port Canaveral.  Here is the link:  They will have a radio hookup with all the launch status coming over a PA.  We will have a table with NSS literature and possibly NASA literature.


Action:  Fred to send the PDF interim NSS membership brochure to Bob Waterman for editing into a single-sided brochure that members can print at home to share the load of printing.  Status:  Done.  Also made another request to NSS HQ for literature--via Arthur Smith.  Requested Ad Astras and printed membership brochures.


Action:  Bob Waterman to post details of the event on the NSS Florida Space Coast web site,


Action:  Ross Tierney to contact Florida Today to propose advance publicity and coverage of our event.


Action:  Fred to author a press release.


Action:  Fred to buy a folding table.


Action:  Ross to design a banner and find a printer.  Cost estimate from Tim:  $70-100.


Action:  We will obtain NASA mission literature for the Pluto New Horizons mission in order to hand it out to the public.  Whoever can do this, please let Jack know.


Action:  Tim to place publicity for the event in the FSRI Update newsletter.


Action:  Helen Kane to place publicity in the Contractor Update newsletter.


So those who are able to attend, please mark your calendars:


NSS Florida Space Coast / LISATS Viewing of the Historic Pluto New Horizons Launch January 17, LISATS Point" (528 Causeway), T minus four hours and on (9:30 a.m. to post launch).



2.  Future Launches.  We will continue our launch viewing support at future launches.  Upcoming in February are the Delta IV GOES-N launch and a Delta II GPS launch.


3.  Steve Fossett Global Flyer.  This takes off from the Shuttle Landing Strip in February, but there is no way for public viewing of this event.  This represents the first Burt Rutan vehicle "launch"

from the KSC area.


4.  Zero-G Corporation


The Zero Gravity Corporation conducted a weightless flight on Saturday from Ft. Lauderdale, with another planned in two weeks.  ZERO-G is located in the Center for Space Education. The next research flight from KSC is in the planning stages.  These flights provide about 15 parabolas with about 25 seconds of weightlessness on each one.


5.  Mailing List and Listserv


Bob Waterman plans to create an automated mailing signup feature on our web page.


6.  Open Discussion.  Next the meeting branched out into topics of interest.  Items included:  the Shuttle flight date, Saturn V restoration efforts, Ross Tierney's Saturn V launch umbilical tower and platform models, FSRI's Lunar Regolith Centennial Challenge (now run by Tim), future exploration vehicles like Crew Exploration Vehicle and Shuttle Derived Launch Vehicle, and so on.


7.  Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville to close.  After the meeting a phone call came with the news that the Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville is to close doors.  Members are asked to consider ways that the museum might find a new location.  We may meanwhile volunteer to help with the logistics of dismantling and storing the museum.  Fred:  I have served as a volunteer at this museum and it is a labor of love for many NASA alumni and worthy of all possible charity.


With that, the meeting adjourned.


Fred Becker

VP and Secretary


Prior meeting topics.


1.  Space Spring Break


An initiative for a nationwide campaign for a Space Spring Break for students is on the agenda for a possible future project.  The concept is to hold an educational and fun event for students.


2.  Zero-G Flight Educational Outreach


Another possible future project may be for our chapter to raise funds to sponsor a local educator to fly weightless on the Zero-G Corporation vehicle.  This vehicle may be coming to use the Shuttle Landing Facility as a base of operations.  It may be that Virgin Galactic flights will come to KSC some day too.


3.  Action:  Someone to author the "NSS Space Coast Guide to NASA Launch Viewing."  It turns out that Robert Osband from LISATS has already compiled a web site that is along these same lines:  This will not be ready for the next launch.


Reference on Ongoing Events


1.  Chapter Monthly Social


Our chapter meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.  These meetings are held at Paddy Cassidy's in Cocoa Beach.  Paddy's is located in the Publix shopping center near Ron Jon's Surf Shop.


2.  Speaker Meetings


We will also have quarterly speaker meetings to be widely publicized.  These will take place at the Florida Space Authority headquarters in Cape Canaveral.  This is located on the north side of the port, near the Navajo missile display and NASA South Gate.  The next speaker is to be announced, selected by Sue Gaines.


A possible speaker might be Guenter Wendt, who we could ask to speak at a venue in Titusville.


3.  National Space Club luncheons.